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Slow Sessions with Nancy Rosenbloom

Slow Sessions with Nancy Rosenbloom

Meet Nancy Rosenbloom, a consultant working with luxury fashion, home and beauty brands.

I’m Nancy! I grew up in Texas, and I recently left NYC with all its addictive beautiful chaotic energy, for life in the woods of Vermont. I have continued my career as a consultant working with luxury Fashion, Beauty and Home brands. I am so passionate about helping designers and creators find their fingerprints and space in the market. Now more than ever, I am mostly excited by companies that share values of slow commerce and intentional consumption.

How do you find a balance between productivity and relaxation?

I used to love moving a mile a minute, but now I like to keep things simple. I use my surroundings to tune into my thoughts and stay grounded in my body. I spend a lot of time outdoors swimming, hiking or cycling.  I work hard to carve out space in my schedule for rejuvenating activities like ceramics and pilates. And when it's time to get to work or spend quality time with my family, I am recharged and can engage in my most productive way.

What’s your favourite part about being a mom? What are your family’s go-to self-care routines that help you unwind and stay grounded?

My kids, ages 4 and 6, are at a stage where they are just so much fun. Their imaginations are endless and their humor is brilliantly clever. It's addicting to watch their minds expand as they explore the world. I am also so fortunate to have an incredible partner and that makes the everyday highs and lows of parenting a lot easier.

What are your favourite Ember Wellness skincare products / routines that makes you feel your best?


I have been so fortunate to have an uneventful skin history. But as I get older, and I'm living in a place with drastic seasonal changes, I'm learning that my skin needs more thoughtful care. I always wash my face and immediately go nuts with the 01 Hydrosol (100% Calendula).  It works so well to calm any dryness and redness I have around my nose and chin before layering on hydration. The 03 Facial Oil (10% Bakuchiol + 90% Sea Buckthorn) is my go-to for nighttime because I have always been looking for a natural retinol to help with my sun damage after years of being a Texas teen. After a few weeks, I can already start to see my skin tone smooth out!  I am most excited about the Sculpt & Glow - Serum Bar because I travel a lot and will be able to access nourishing ingredients on the go.

In today’s fast-paced world, what’s one message you have for people who are looking to slow down and prioritize self-care and sustainability in their daily lives?

It's very hard to slow down and no one is alone in this challenge.  Our environments, social media, and the requirement to do more with less makes this one of the hardest tasks. This is especially evident as a parent with less time and dwindling community resources. Disconnect from the virtual world and work on building meaningful relationships with the people who you physically surround yourself with. Find a moment inward, a phone call, or a physical or creative outlet that allows you to calm your nervous system.
To learn more about Nancy's work and to visit her website click here.


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