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We are Ember Wellness (formerly Kungfu Apothecary), a clean beauty brand based in Toronto. Our signature facial oils and tools are designed to create a supportive and beautiful daily ritual. Stay with us while we transition all of our products over to our new beautiful visuals. Our entire new line will be launched soon.

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Our Facial Tools

"They offer a cupping set with a variety of sizes for the face but when you’re on the road you can just bring one."

"This kit comes with a jade roller, a gua sha scraping board, and an eye wand for sensitive areas, all of which can boost circulation to depuff skin and help product absorb."

"Can the interdependent energies of Yin and Yang help create a balanced life? Could they actually be the key to pure, harmonic living? If you asked Amanda Schuler, her answer would be yes."

I have been using the cups on my face 3 or more times a week for a few months now and I see a major difference around my eyes-the skin is plumper and a blue vein that I could see before has diminished. I feel like my face in general is more lifted. I love the cups and have made it a part of my evening routine. I really think they are the most amazing tool to have in your face care regimen

Zoe B.

Kungfu Yin Serum is the gentlest, richest & most soothing face care product ever! Not only is my complexion healthier & more glowing, but also my spirit is calmed throughout the day by its rebalancing perfume!

Kathy R.

LOOOOVE my Gua Sha. Since purchasing it a few months ago, I’ve noticed a big difference in the overall smoothness, texture and health of my skin. My skin tone is more even and I have a healthier glow. More than anything, I love the ritual of using it - it feels so nice to pamper myself - and I always feel so relaxed and zen after Gua Sha-ing! So glad I purchased it!

Karen K.

I love your magic Yang serum, the one that smells like licorice. I feel like I’m in a high end spa every night! Thank you!! I will be getting more as I have lots of Aquarius friends and it’s the perfect B-Day present!


Very effective tool! I love my jade roller…I use it in the morning after cleansing & applying serum & moisturizer. It’s like a workout for my skin! After a few minutes of rolling, my skin feels contoured, smooth and has a beautiful natural glow from the gentle stimulation. It also helps to de-puff from those sleepless nights! I find myself using it during the day as well even on top of my makeup because it just feels so good!

Julie S.