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Ember's four face cupping tools, two large and two small.
Cylindrical packaging for Ember's face cupping set.





Lift and plump your face and décolletage naturally with our silicone cupping set. 


Cupping is an ancient modality from Traditional Chinese Medicine used for centuries to cure muscle aches, pain and other ailments. Our facial cups are designed to enhance the face, neck and jawline by boosting cellular turnover, promoting circulation, and lifting and contouring the face.


Our kit includes two large and two small facial cups in a recyclable kraft tube, with a 100% organic cotton carrying case, making it the perfect travel companion.

Lab Notes

Long-lasting silicone cups 

Upon disposal, check your local recycling service to see if they accept silicone waste 


Recyclable kraft packaging


After cleansing, warm your preferred Ember Facial Oil in your hands and apply it to the entire face. This necessary step provides slip and ensures the cup will move smoothly across the face. 

The suction effect of the cup pulls blood into the area of the skin underneath the cup. The surrounding tissue is saturated with fresh blood and promotes new blood vessel formation.

Sweeping Technique 

Gently squeeze the small or large cup on both sides, applying the cup to the skin and releasing it to create suction between the skin and cup. Use this squeeze and release technique in light sweeping upward strokes from chin to temple, focusing on areas of tension and concern. 

Staccato Technique 

Gently squeeze the small or large cup in your focal areas (jawline, cheek, 11 lines, smile lines, etc), squeezing and releasing the cup in short, quick bursts. This gently moves the skin and allows for increased blood and cell flow.


Remember, the cups are very powerful. It is essential that you never leave the cup in one area on your face for more than a second or two, as your skin can bruise. Our cups can be used daily as part of your skincare routine. It only takes a few minutes to bring out your natural glow.

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Eco-friendly, all-natural, and reusable

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Suitble for all skin types

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$45.00 USD
Lift and plump your face and décolletage naturally with our silicone cupping set. Pictured here are one large and one small facial cup.

These are really cool and fun to use. Bought them instead of gua sha because I like how these are minimal effort. It really does only take a few seconds to bring out your glow!



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