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All five Ember Wellness Facial Oils lined up


All five travel-sized signature facial oils

$165.00 Regular price($205.00 value)


Try them all. A collection of all five, travel-sized signature facial oils at a reduced price.


Within each bottle, two pure, cold-pressed organic plant oils deliver an amplified formula greater than the sum of its parts. Each skin-supportive oil is a staple in the oil + water ritual for better skin health, a glowing complexion and a supple, hydrated skin barrier. This is your opportunity to try all five of Ember's signature oils to see what your skin likes best and address different skin concerns as the seasons change. 


Mix with any hydrosol from the Ember collection for optimal hydration, smoothing, and softening. Comes in a convenient travel pouch.


01 / FACIAL OIL - Jojoba (75%) + Argan (25%)

02 / FACIAL OIL - Plum Kernel (50%) + Grapeseed (50%)

03 / FACIAL OIL - Seabuckthorn (90%) + Bakuchiol (10%)

04 / FACIAL OIL - Marula (50%) + Sweet Almond Oil (50%)

05 / FACIAL OIL - Rosehip (50%) + Pomegranate (50%)


Warm 5-10 drops of oil in the palm of your hand and apply twice per day after cleansing, ideally with the Ember Konjac sponge. 


For best results, spray 2-3 pumps of Ember Hydrosol and mix with a facial oil before applying.


$165.00 USD Regular price $205.00 USD

Ember Wellness 01/Oil

01/ Sensitive Skin

Jojoba (75%) + Argan (25%)

Pure + simple, mimics your own sebum, great for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and all skin types, liquid gold. 

Ember's Plum Kernel and Grapeseed Facial Oil, a skin-supportive oil that delivers free radical protection with deeply nourishing antioxidants that help to even skin tone.

02/ Balanced Skin

Plum Kernel (50%) + Grapeseed (50%)

Free radical protection (UV Booster), deeply nourishing antioxidants, helps to even skin tone. 

Ember's Sea Buckthorn and Bakuchiol Facial Oil, a plant-based retinol alternative with the nourishing power of sea buckthorn for natural and gentle anti-aging.

03/ Mature Skin

Sea Buckthorn (90%) + Bakuchiol (10%)

A plant-based retinol alternative, nourishing power of sea buckthorn, natural skin rejuvenation.

Ember's Marula and Almond Facial Oil, a hydrating oil for skin looking for intense hydration and smoothing.

04/ Dry Skin 

Marula (50%) + Almond (50%)

A deeply hydrating oil for dry skin, intense hydration and wrinkle repair, replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier.

Ember's Rosehip and Pomegranate Facial Oil that contains two pure, cold-pressed organic plant oils that deliver an amplified formula that is greater than the sum of its parts.

05/ Oily & Acne-Prone Skin 

Rosehip (50%) + Pomegranate (50%)

A rejuvenating and lightweight oil that soothes, repairs, and leaves skin firm, smooth, and even-toned.


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